1) Majorities
    The general terms of sale which follow are only similar to the business connections for sales on our site www.loaven.fr edited by M-elle sarl 47, rue Levavasseur 35800 Dinard.
    All the present general terms of sale is governed by the French law.
    The persons making a purchase on our site have to be physical persons of more than 18 years old, and being capable of contracting (see articles 1123 and following ones of the Civil code).
    For the physical persons under age 18, a parental consent of the legal representative must be supplied.
    Because of the seasonal character of our activity, we can supply our customers only while stocks last.
    These present general terms of sale can be modified at any time without advance notice and must be read attentively before every order and the User to each of the visits.

    Links towards other sites

    The site Loaven.fr is not responsible for information spread on the other sites which the user could reach by means of the links.


    Contents of the Site
    On no account, LOAVEN can be kept for person in charge of any direct or indirect damage, whatever is the nature, ensuing from the use of its Site.
    The present information on the Site as well as the photos or the representations has only an indicative character and either their contents neither no their accuracy can be guaranteed. This information does not commit; set autocommit=1; set autocommit=1; set autocommit=1; set autocommit=1; set autocommit=1; set autocommit=1; set autocommit=1; set autocommit=1 contractually LOAVEN. LOAVEN disclaims all liability as for the decisions which could be taken from this information.
    The contents of the Site may of modification without advance notice.



    2) Price lists
    The prices get on TTC in Euros on the basis of the value-added tax French (VAT) in 20 %.

    Postal charges and packaging are not included, except opposite precision stipulated by the seller during the order.
    The prices are guaranteed while stocks last.
    Our prices can be modified but articles are charged on the basis of the prices validated during the recording of the order, under reserves of the availability of articles.
    Articles remain the whole property of the company m-elle exploiting the site www.loaven.fr up to the total payment of the order.

    Please note that in some countries outside the European Union additional fees will beings paid the local tax authorities of the receipt of your livraison.Vous be responsible for payment of import duties and other taxes.

    3) order
    before any order, the user will have to register on our site by completing the form planned for that purpose (civility, name, first name, address completes of delivery, billing address if different from the delivery address, the phone number and the e-mail).

    The creation of a password will , be necessary.
    Once the account was created, an e-mail of activation will be sent to you, and the order can be made.
    It will , be necessary to you to select chosen articles (for rings, a “baguier” is at your disposal on the site), and integrate them into the basket.
    During the seizure of your order, you are informed about the availability of articles.
    Only products in stock can be ordered.
    In case, independently of our will, a chosen product is not available, you will be informed about it by e-mail as soon as possible.
    You will have , any leisure to modify your selection if you wish. You can also cancel at any time your order before the reception of your parcel, whatever is the delivery deadline.
    Once articles were added into the basket, the validation of the order can be made, you will , have to inform the delivery address and proceed to the payment.


    4) terms of payment
    The payment of the order  is made by bank card (blue, aimed, eurocard / mastercard) by supplying the number of CB, the expiry date as well as the number of the cryptogram (3-digit number indicated on the back of the CB).

    We reserve the right to refuse any order or delivery in case of total or partial not payment of a previous order by the customer, a refusal of authorization of payment by CB on behalf of the banking bodies, of the not payment or of partial payment or of the use of a not valid bank card.
    Your account ID is coded on your computer and transmitted in a way secured to servers of authorization verifying your data with your bank, this with the aim of avoiding the abuses and cheat.
    This system is managed by the technology of encoding SSL-128 bits, one of the most used and of the most reliable to the world. During transfers by internet, the information cannot be read, nothing passes in transit in light on Web.
    When your payment is validated, your information is destroyed, that is why we ask you for your number of bank card every new made order.
    The modalities of use of bank cards oblige banks taken up residence in France to cover the risk of a fraudulent use of your card.
    You are in the obligation to announce at your bank or issuing establishment of your card, any fraudulent operation.


    5) payment

    You confirm that all payments will be made ​​by you on your own credit card.
    Payment is made to order by credit card and soumi an authorization from the issuing bank carte.Si the issuer of your card refuses to authorize payment, your order will be validated.

    6) delivery
    Articles are delivered to the address mentioned by the customer within 2 in 6 working days (for metropolitan France), the deadline can vary if the destination is distant.

    To follow your parcel, you can click this link: www.laposte.net
    In the reception of your order, thank you for verifying the conformity of the received products.

    Deliveries outside of France: Shipping prices and delivery time may vary depending on your delivery address.


    7) Guarantees
    You have a legal deadline of 7 days as from the date of reception of the parcel to inform us about a possible intention to return us the product and the reason of this return (exchange or possible refund).

    In the case of a difference of amount between return and the new order, the customer will pay the complement by CB at the time of the request of exchange.
    If the amount of the new order is less raised than that of the return, credit note will be sent to the customer, the deduction made by the expenses of delivery.
    To be accepted, the article must be sent back as it stands with its label, not worn, in its initial packaging.
    Damaged parcel: if you notice tracks of opening or tear on the parcel, it will be advisable to refuse it.
    If a damaged parcel was delivered in your box to letters or if your guard received it as is, the parcel is , considered as accepted.
    The site Loaven.fr will not be capable of taking into account the possible lacks or the damages, nor of proceeding in any compensation, if no reserve was emitted in the reception.
    Articles benefiting from a guarantee will be taken back only accompanied with their card of guarantee. If the product cannot be replaced, the M-ELLE SARL will issue a purchase voucher of the same value.

    8) Right of retraction
    All the sold articles are subjected to the clause "satisfied or your money back" during a deadline of 7 days as from the date of reception or withdrawal of the parcel and up to the dispatch date indicated on the parcel of return. It will be advisable , to send to us an e-mail.

    The customer will , have to send back the product (postal charges being at his expense). The site Loaven.fr will pay off to him(her) , the effectively paid sums deduction made by postal charges, within 30 days by CB, or credit note can be established (valid on one year).
    The article must have returned to its original packing, not worn. Damaged, made dirty or already worn articles cannot have returned and will be neither taken back in any case, nor exchanged.
    In case of excessive returns, the M-ELLE SARL reserves the right to refuse a later order.
    By measure of hygiene, earrings will be neither taken back nor exchanged.
    The customer has to return the product to the SARL M-ELLE:
    · exclusively at the address:
    M-ELLE 47 SARL, rue Levavasseur 35800 Dinard (tel: 09 52 67 12 54) by the carrier of his choice, being specified that he support the expenses of forwarding.

    9) Intellectual property
    The entire articles, texts, illustrations and images of the site are protected by copyright, brands or patents for the whole world.

    They are the exclusive property of the company m-elle running the site www.loaven.fr or of their respective holders. Any reproduction is thus forbidden.

    10) Protection of the private life
    The site Loaven is in adequacy with the French and European standards regarding protection of the private life and the personal information.

    The user can modify at any time or delete his personal information by e-mail or by mail. However the user must know that these particulars remain confidential and will be confided on no account to whomever. The sarl M-elle made a statement in conformance with its processing of data with the National Commission of the Computing and the Liberties (CNIL) on 25/10/2012, registered under the number 1626099v0.


    11) Customs duties
    Any delivery outside France can be subjected to taxes and customs duties chargeable to the customer.

    The customer can inquire with the competent authorities of his country.

    12) Completeness of the contract
    The contract between the customer and the site Loaven.fr is represented by the present general terms of sale, as well as the summary of the order sent to the customer.

    13) Modifications of general terms of sale
    The company m-elle running the site www. Loaven.fr is allowed the right to modify general terms of sale.

    During every order and validation of order, the customer will have to consult attentively general terms of sale.

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